Calvin M. Wolff, Ph.D., P.E.

Please see “Why I’m Into Energy “


  • Adjunct Professor, University of Houston at Clear Lake
    • Course Taught: CHEM  4391 and ENVS 5931 “Energy Fundamentals & Applications”
  • Retired Consulting Engineer (Energy Management)
  • Skeptic on Catastrophic Anthropogenic (manmade) Global Warming (CAGW)
  • Active interest in energy independence for U.S.A
  • Proponent of floor price for petroleum


B.A.-Chemistry (1960) and B.S. ChE (1961), The University of Texas at Austin; PhD – Physical Chemistry (1968), The University of Houston.   Graduate degree included minor in Physics (including Mathematical Physics and Modern Physics).


1979 TO 2007: President, Calvin M. Wolff PhD, P.E. Inc.

Work was directly for clients, and in association with other engineering firms, as follows:

  • Consulting Engineer, specializing in energy conservation in institutional, primarily educational buildings.  Performed Technical Assistance in the Institutional Conservation Program (ICP) grant cycles for thirteen years, which includes over 100 schools, 4 hospitals, over 30 college buildings, and several civic complexes.
  • From 1993 to 2007 the Third Party Consultant to Houston Independent School District (HISD) for its ESCO-I Project. In this project, two companies have contracted with HISD for a total amount of approximately $24 Million to install energy saving retrofits, and refurbishment of chilling plants, to 39 sites, 34 of which have thermal storage. Houston Lighting and Power is contributing approximately $4 Million to this Project for implementation of thermal storage. Dr. Wolff”s duties are formulation of the Project, preparation of Request for Proposals and evaluation of proposals, review and technical support of proposed retrofits, and monitoring and support of the performance of the Project.
  • Sub-Consultant to Camp-Dresser-McKee (CDM), which is consultant to the City of Houston in arranging and monitoring electric Demand Site Management (DSM).   The DSM work is part of  the Retail Energy Provider (REP) procurement process, Reliant Energy Solutions being the selected REP and DSM contractor.
  • As sub-consultant to Camp-Dresser-McKee, supported REP procurement, including compiling and analyzing thousands of electric accounts (scalar and interval meters) to formulate the hourly total demand profile for the City of Houston.
  • Prepared RFP and evaluated proposals for procurement of approximately $60 Million of electric power over two 2-year periods for Houston I.S.D.
  • Chief Technical Consultant to Tenneco, Inc. for its Schoolhouse Energy Efficiency Demonstration (S.E.E.D.) Program from 1979 through 1980, wherein technical assistance audits were performed on 20 schools around the country, predominantly in the northeast, to demonstrate that large energy savings potential existed and what measures were most common and had the best likelihood of energy savings. This was a very successful and nationally recognized program.
  • Received a special award in 1986 from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Texas for proposing and assisting the “Gold Star School Program”, wherein schools were given awards for energy efficiency, based upon region of the State and annual source BTU per square foot per year consumption level. The purpose of that program was to reward school administrators for good energy efficiency, to demonstrate that high efficiency levels are attainable, and to encourage achievement of high energy efficiency.
  • Developed the “Deductive Method” of building energy analysis to determine the potential savings in schools of improving control of HVAC systems.
  • Co-principal, author and presenter in a workshop series sponsored by the Texas PUC for energy conservation in schools, colleges, and hospitals.
  • Used DOE 2.2 (latest version) building energy analysis program to evaluate parameters for building construction and renovation for compliance with and exceeding of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, which has become required in building codes of many cities, including Houston.  This analysis is used to evaluate options for certification under the U. S. Green Building Council’s Lead in Energy & Environmental Design (LEEDtm) program.  NOTE: Is not a LEED Accredited Professional

1991 – NSI-Mantech:       Technical member of NSI-ManTech’s proposal team for support of airborne and spaceborne infrared telescopy, for the NASA Ames Research center in California (1991).

September 1965 to April 1979: Northrop Services Inc. (NSI), Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston

  • Systems Specialist and promoted to Senior Scientist in 1974. Northrop Services Inc. (NSI), formerly Brown & Root/Northrop (Joint Venture) was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northrop Corp., an aerospace company, whose Houston operation was an on-site operations contractor for JSC laboratory facilities.
  • Designed and developed solar and infrared simulators, including the 20 KW xenon arc, Cassegrain systems of Chambers A and B at the NASA JSC Space Environment Simulation Laboratory
  • Invented the “split disc” radiometer/calorimeter (Published).
  • Measured simulated solar and thermal radiation, and total and specular reflectance.
  • Measured contamination in JSC’s large vacuum chambers, at a level of a few molecular layers thickness. The methods developed were unique, quantitatively and qualitatively accurate, and simple.
  • Performed thermal analysis of space environment test facilities, including testing of the Shuttle skin and tiles
  • Measured and published equations for heat transfer in nitrogen from vacuum to 1 atmosphere at various distances, between vertical plane surfaces.
  • Wrote the first successful mathematics (robotics) for controlling the manipulator arm of the Shuttle, which was tested and verified at the Manipulator Development Facility at NASA/JSC Bldg. 9A.
  • Represented NSI in solar energy industry endeavors, and was heavily involved in marketing NSI (writing proposals) to the Dept.of Energy for the management of solar energy development projects.

1961 to 1965: Research Assistant at University of Houston Chemistry Department.

  • Performed doctoral research in gas phase photochemistry, specifically the Mercury Hg 61P1 Photosensitized Decomposition of Carbon Dioxide         (Published).
  • Designed and built glass and quartz high vacuum system, and unique reactor for vacuum ultraviolet photochemistry.
  • Invented and developed the 9,10 Dimethylanthracene spectral filter to pass the 1849 Angstrom mercury resonance radiation (Hg 61P1) and remove the predominant 2537 Angstrom mercury resonance radiation (Hg 63P1)         (Published)
  • Invented and applied a new method for gas chromatographic analysis of gases drawn at micron pressure level vacuum systems.


  • Energy auditing of commercial and institutional buildings
  • Modeling with DOE 2.2 Building Energy Analysis Program, since 1979 (as DOE 1), TRACE 600, and the Elite Energy Analysis software
  • Laboratory Glassblowing, Design & Fabrication of Glass Vacuum Systems
  • Measurement and Verification of Energy Conservation Retrofit Projects
  • Spectrophotometry in Infrared, Visible and Ultraviolet
  • Vacuum Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Spectrometry
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Thermal storage technology
  • PADI certified Open Water Diver (SCUBA)



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